Welcome to Fragapalooza, a 4 Day NON-STOP Video Gaming Extravaganza Event, put on by Gamers for Gamers!  It's a bring your own Computer/Console (with games) event where we provide you a venue, seat, table, network, internet and power for all your gaming needs with hundreds of other people doing the exact same thing!  There's tournaments, prizes, fun times and great gaming to be had by all!  

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So, the totals have come in and we at Fragapalooza are going to DOUBLE our original donation amount.  As such, we will be donating $252 to the Red Cross for the relief effort in support of those affected by the fires.  We are happy to hear that the town of Fort McMurray is out of immediate danger from the fires now, and hope all those affected can start to rebuild.

Please remember that you can still donate by clicking on this link.

Thank you to everyone who registered during the week and drove our donation amount up.  


Fragapalooza is more than just a LAN party.  We are a community of gamers from all walks of life, and from all over Alberta.  Currently our community is suffering a terrible loss with the wildfire that is threatening to destroy Fort McMurray this week.  Thousands of our friends and neighbors are losing everything they own.  As such, we would like to donate 10% of all registrations from now until Wednesday May 11, to the RedCross relief effort in support of those impacted by the fires.

To register for Fragapalooza 2016, simply go to https://www.fragapalooza.com and create an account.  Once you have Purchased a Seat and completed the registration process, Fragapalooza will donate 10% of your registration to the Canadian Red Cross.  We will do this for all registrations that come in between now and next Wednesday – May 11.

Even if you do not have any plans on attending Fragapalooza, you can still donate by going to this website - https://donate.redcross.ca/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1951&ea.campaign.id=50610&_ga=1.232829662.159742497.1462376821

Thank you for your support.

I wanna go and I wanna go now!

Fragapalooza 2016 Registration @ 2015 Event Month Pricing Available for the Month of August.  If you want to join us next year but pay this year's pricing you can register and pay during the Month of August 2015 for Fragapalooza 2016.  After that date the pricing is subject to increase based on projected costs for next year - but we will be running an Early Bird paid pricing option for 2016 in the future.

See you in 2016 and stay tuned to our social media and this website for things to come!

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