Fragapalooza Overwatch Tournament Stream

Fragapalooza Overwatch Tournament Stream

Tune in right now to the Overwatch Tournament being streamed and casted by Community Gaming, live from Fragapalooza 2017:

Fragapalooza Help - The Future

Fragapalooza Help - The Future

You heard it at opening ceremonies, Fragapalooza is looking for help to keep the event going.  Are you interested? Do you have drive and time to devote to a Not-For-Profit which Fragapalooza is?  Well then please contact us using the Fragapalooza Contact Us form.  We'll collect your contact info, and any other particulars you leave us and let you know what's next!

LOL 1v1 Brackets


YESS Quest & Fragapalooza

YESS Quest & Fragapalooza

YESS is holding their first ever YESS Quest 24-Hour Gaming Marathon and Fragapalooza will be there supporting with our Network and Expertise.  Fragapalooza is a community gaming event that is very pleased to support our local charitable organizations where we can.  Fragapalooza 2017 will mark YESS Quest's end of registration as their event will be held the following weekend at Northlands Expo Centre.  If you are interested in joining us, please sign up today before you miss out!


We are Open for Fragapalooza 2017

It has begun!!!!

Fragapalooza 2017 is now open and waiting for you!  Come on down the Leduc Recreation Centre and join us!  Registration at the door is still available for limited seating so if you want to still join us for 4 Days, Non-Stop Gaming, get your gear and come on down!

Event Schedule - 2017

Check out our Event Schedule for the 4 Days of Non-Stop Gaming, to see when key things are happening throughout the event!

Tournament Schedule - 2017

For all participants wanting to participate in one of the tournaments, you may be interested in taking a look at the tentative Tournament Schedule.  This schedule is subject to change depending on tournament interest at the time of the event.  Should any changes occur, this document will be updated accordingly and will also be prominently displayed at the event.  As stated in the tournament rules, we will be conforming to this schedule as best as we can and it is expected that all teams signed up for tournaments will be available during their schedule times without delay.

Sponsorship - Capital City Gymnastics Centre

Sponsorship - Capital City Gymnastics Centre

A new sponsor this year, Capital City Gymnastics Centre is lending us a fantastic Ubiquiti Wireless Network that they use for their own sporting events.  Talk about one community helping out another! We appreciate all they're help to make Fragapalooza 2017 the best event!

Sponsorship - OverKlocked

Sponsorship - OverKlocked

A sponsorship mainstay, OverKlocked consistently sponsors Fragapalooza, and we are very happy they are going to again.  One of Edmonton's best Computer Gaming centers, they are definitely involved with the Edmonton Proper gaming community, just like Fragapalooza.  Take a look at what they have to offer!

Sponsorship - Memory Express + Kingston + MSI

Sponsorship - Memory Express with Kingston & MSI

Memory Express is jointly Sponsoring Fragapalooza 2017 with Kingston HyperX and MSI.  They are throwing us some sweet giveaways, and we are so lucky to have them as a sponsor this year.  Check them out!

Sponsorship - Moo's Grill and Greens

Sponsorship - Moo's Grill and Greens

New this year, Moo's Grill and Greens will be Sponsoring Fragapalooza with some sweet deals and extended hours.  Located onsite at the Leduc Recreation Centre, they will be hosting a Morning Fragapalooza Breakfast option as well as discounts throughout the event, both at their downstairs Kiosk location as well at their Upper Deck Lounge + Grill.

Sponsorship - Veeam

Sponsorship - Veeam

Veeam is again sending us some giveaways for this year's event.  We know we use their products in our lives, do you?  Check out all the can offer at their website, Veeam.

Sponsorship - scalar

Sponsorship - scalar

Another returning sponsor for Fragapalooza 2017, we are so pleased they could do so again!  Providing our server infrastructure as well as sponsoring, scalar steps up every year as a big help to Fragapalooza.  Check them out for your own needs as well!

Sponsorship - Papa John's Pizza - Leduc

Sponsorship - Papa John's Pizza - Leduc

Back again, right inside the doors, is Papa John's Pizza - Leduc's location onsite for all your food delivery needs!  They'll be there all event, looking to take your orders and supply you with the fuel you need to non-stop game!  This is the second year they are onsite, and we love having them!  MMMMMMmmmmm pizza!!!

Sponsorship - Ubisoft

Sponsorship - Ubisoft

Sponsoring Fragapalooza 2017 is another Canadian software company Ubisoft, and we are so glad to have them with us!  They've sent us some pretty neat stuff and we hope you will enjoy it!

Sponsorship - Shaw

Sponsorship - Shaw

Back again this year with blazing speed internet, we'll have the best internet available than we ever had at the LRC!  We are so pleased to have them at the event this year, so check them out when you are there.  Also check out Shaw for everything you could need for your own needs!

Accommodation Options

Need a place to stay while with us?

So you are coming to Fragapalooza but want somewhere to maybe crash for a few hours, refresh up, and then join us again all bright eyed and geared to go?  We here are your options:

  • Camping - The Leduc Recreation Centre (LRC) has a camping area just North of the main building (in fact its just exactly North of the Fragapalooza Event itself!), just within a small walking distance. The area is a Gravel section, where Garbage Bins will be provided by the LRC. While there aren't any hookup facilities, you are welcome to bring your Tents, Trailers, and RVs to stay in the area, and the Fragapalooza venue does offer Team Locker rooms with onsite showers. NOTE: this area is first come first serve, and may be shared with other events happening in the area at the same time.
  • Hotels List - We have contacted many surrounding hotels for your convenience and put all their details in one nice PDF.  Any questions feel free to contact the Hotels directly.
  • At the Event - The North part of the seating plan shows a small area that can be used to put down single sized sleeping bags/beds, but is limited to first come first serve, and may be subject to removal should the event need more seating for participants. As you can tell already we are a pretty full venue this year, so while we hope this area will be available for this use, we cannot guarantee that to be so! There is also area behind on the second floor, above the stage, in the tiered seats for sleeping as well.
  • and...

Sponsorship - Wyndham Garden Edmonton Airport

As an added bonus, the Wyndham Garden Edmonton Airport, brand new facility in Leduc, is offering a 1 out of 10 lucky Participants that stay with them the chance to get their room free of charge, as a Sponsor of Fragapalooza this year!  Check out their details below:

Sponsorship - BioWare

Premiere Sponsor - BioWare

Fragapalooza is proud to announce our Premiere Sponsor for our 2017 event!

Paragons (or Renegades?) of the local video game scene, there will be few among us not familiar with their works or their story. Prizes and giveaways, we are so very proud to share this opportunity with a local Edmonton based gaming company, whom supports the local gaming community events and gamers! Best known for their award winning Dragon Age and Mass Effect games and once again gearing up with their new IP Anthem, BioWare a Division of EA is coming to Fragapalooza in a BIG way this year! Please give-it-up for BioWare, through Social Media, word of mouth and any other way you can!

Sponsorship - Dell EMC and Alienware

Sponsorship - Dell/EMC and Alienware

We are proud to announce that Dell/EMC and Alienware are jointly sponsoring Fragapalooza 2017 with some great stuff.  We love their products and we're sure you will too!

Poster 2017

Poster for this year's event - 2017

Here it is, this year's Poster for you all to share to the world!  You can also get the PDF here and the HiRes PDF here.

Final Days for Early Bird and Merchandise Pre-Orders

Its the final 3 days left to get your Early Bird seats and Merchandise Pre-Orders in!

Last 3 days as our July 9th, 2017 cut-off for Early Bird seat purchases and Merchandise Pre-Orders is coming up fast.  

We have limited seating and the only way to guarantee that seat is to get your Seat orders in and paid for asap!

Looking for that T-Shirt customized with your own Gamer Tag?  Need to get those Merchandise Pre-Orders in and paid before the cut-off as well to get them at the event!

So head over to the Store to get those orders in and completed today!

Sponsorship - Extra Life Edmonton

Extra Life Edmonton and Fragapalooza together again!

Extra Life Edmonton is being a large part of Fragapalooza 2017 once again.  They are planning to sponsor one of our Tournaments as well as have a great presence at our event.  Check them out when you are there!

T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design

Here is our design for this Fragapalooza 2017 event.

NOTE: Final version my not be exactly as shown


These are pre-orders that you can pick up at the event.  If you have already purchased your seat, no worries, just start a new Purchase in the Store, select your items, complete your order and we'll have it there for you at the event.

Again, Cut-Off for Merchandise Orders will be July 9, 2017 @ Midnight

We Added Something New!

In addition to below, we've also added Long Sleeve Shirts as well for your purchase

  • Caps
  • Hoodies
  • Plain T-Shirts - Fragapalooza 2017 Imagery
  • Embroidered T-Shirts (with your Gamer Tag custom embroidered on it) - Fragapalooza 2017 Imagery

NOTE: there is a slight extra charge for XXL and XXXL.

T-Shirt and Merchandise for Sale

And its finally here - T-Shirts and Merchandise Sales up in the Store!

So we have released our Merchandise sales for your purchase.  These are pre-orders that you can pick up at the event.  If you have already purchased your seat, no worries, just start a new Purchase in the Store, select your items, complete your order and we'll have it there for you at the event.

Cut-Off for Merchandise Orders will be July 9, 2017 @ Midnight

Why you ask?  Well we have to get all the little monkeys in order to put that order in, so you can have your items by August 10, 2017 at the event!

What is for sale?

  • Caps
  • Hoodies
  • Plain T-Shirts - Fragapalooza 2017 Imagery
  • Embroidered T-Shirts (with your Gamer Tag custom embroidered on it) - Fragapalooza 2017 Imagery

NOTE: there is a slight extra charge for XXL and XXXL.

Seats! Seats! Get Yer Seats!

As we get closer to Fragapalooza 2017 you might be wondering where you get to sit!  We're happy to announce that the new seating chart has been posted with seat selection available starting July 1st.  If you are part of a large group/clan of 8 or more and want to make sure you can sit together send us a request for a reserved area and we'll see what we can do for you.

We also want to remind anyone who has purchased Clan Packs of seats that they can transfer their extra seats through the seating page and all seats must be transferred to their final recipients before arriving at Frag.  In order to transfer a seat to another user, all you need is that user's Frag ID which they can locate in their profile.

This is also a reminder that Early Bird prices will continue until end of day July 9th, so don't delay - get your tickets now!

We have added Merch to the store that will be available for purchase also until the end of day July 9th, so don't delay - get your hats, shirts and hoodies today!

Sponsorship - City of Leduc

Sponsorship - City of Leduc offers even more!!!!

The City of Leduc has been a huge sponsor of Fragapalooza since we moved there in 2010.  The Leduc Recreation Centre and the City of Leduc have hosted many of us in a great facility and with open arms!  This year the City of Leduc is also offering us use of their Fiber network for Internet, making gaming online even better for everyone!  We are very excited to see what it can do!!!

Sponsorship - i.d. apparel

Sponsorship - i.d. apparel for merchandise!

We are again working with i.d. apparel for our Fragapalooza merchandise sales, posting up soon for sale.  We were pleased with what we were able to get last year, and hope you were too!

Sponsorship - Cisco

Sponsorship - Cisco makes network good!

Its been Fragapalooza's pleasure to work with Cisco for many years, and we are very pleased they can help us out again.  Cisco will be providing us with the best-in-biz network to run the event for all your gaming needs!


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Fragapalooza Event Info

Four days of LAN Gaming!
August 10 to 13, 2023
Leduc Recreation Centre
4330 Black Gold Drive
Leduc, AB T9E 3C3
Games Played:
Anything and Everything!
Date Subject To Change