Thank-you to everyone for Fragapalooza 2022!


Frag Hangover

We would like to thank everyone that attended Fragapalooza 2022 for all your passion and participation. It was a great event, and one we hope helps us move forward all the better for the experiences this year. We hope the Fragapalooza Hangover isn't too tough on everyone as you return to your regular lives.

Production Team

As our staff and volunteers also rest up, we want to send a large thanks out to our Production Crew @ Findlay Productions, and all the work they put into our event (and a special shout out to Kyrin @ FP for his work on our end!)

Sponsors and Partners

And a final thanks to our sponsors and partners for all they contribute to the event. Without you we cannot make the event it is today, and we hope to see you back in 2023. 










Get the rest you deserve, and we'll see you all online between now and our 2023 event! Its coming, we're excited and we know you are too. Can't wait!


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Fragapalooza - Hybrid Venture Showcase 2022! 08/04/2022 11:00 AM