Its that time, 30 day countdown!

That's Right! 30 days left! Join us in our count down to the Hybrid Venture Showcase event, August 4-7, 2022, live on! And remember to get your merchandise from ordered to have it for the event, maybe even showcase it live with us from your own home. Registration is free, and is the only way to get those prizes, so sign up ASAP!

NueQuest Sponsorship

We are also proud to announce the return of NueQuest Information Technology Inc. as one of our sponsors.  They continue to support our event, gamers, and the community year after year, and we appreciate that so very much!


And lets not forget...

Happy 4th of July to all our American Gamers/Friends/Family!

 Happy Canada Day!

We at Fragapalooza hope everyone enjoys today as a great nation and with family/friends!

That's a huge *****....

We also added something special to the merchandise store you might want for your desk at home.  One large 36" x 18" Commemorative Fragapalooza Gaming Mat

And all our merchandise is still available @  Get yours soon to have for FP 2022!

Still Time!

Remember FP 2022 is a free event this year, and to win prizes you have to register for that free Virtual Gamer Throne.  So get to it and we'll see you in just over a month!


  Mo... mo... mo... MERCH!

Today we added more Merchandise to our Online Store, some mugs, some mouse pads, some gamer pads.  Check them out and see if you might want to add some to your collectables!

Mouse/Gamer Pads



  Get Yours Today!

Fragapalooza 2022 T-Shirts and Hoodies are available for purchase on our online store today!  Get yours so you can showcase it on stream if you join us live during the event!



Still Time To Register

In order to qualify for PRIZES you need to register for the event, and its FREE!!!!  Registration is open now at Join us for our online event August 4th-7th 2022.


Join us on Discord, follow us on TwitchFacebookTwitter, and stay tuned to our website for all the latest information on this year’s FREE event. 

Fragapalooza 2022 – Hybrid Venture Showcase!

2022 is and will continue to be a year of transition, a step back to what was pre-pandemic, but probably never the same again. People's work/life status may be forever changed by the pandemic, even if Gamers were more prepared for the online-focused life more than most. This year we hope the world returns to some semblance of what was, and with some new, positive and exciting ways of work/life that became because of the pandemic. A stepping stone of a year moving forward – back to in-person cautiously but welcomed as safely as the world can. Some will embrace the return to pre-pandemic quickly, openly, while others may be more cautious and move in more miniature stages. Everyone at their own pace and within their own comfort levels.

The Event in 2022

Fragapalooza 2022 is taking a similar stepping stone approach to what was in-person and what has become of our event/community during the past two years! A transitional year comes with a transitional Fragapalooza! We will be utilizing our 2022 event to showcase what a hybrid online/in-person event could look like moving forward. We will be looking to you, our community, in helping us shape this event. Whether you wish to join us online-only or venture out to those safe spaces you feel most comfortable with, Fragapalooza 2022 will be accommodating as much as we can!

Online Event

We acknowledge that some of you may wish to continue with us online and remote, and we want to embrace that! Our online presence of Fragapalooza will be a similar format as it has been throughout the pandemic and will be the scheduled event you have gotten used to, but with added in hybrid elements from in-person LAN(s). Engagement, participation and/or spectating will be as much a part of our online experience as it is in person. 

As always you can join us online on our Twitch channel and follow today to be notified when we are live!

In-Person - Return of the LAN Party(ies)

The LAN Party's long-awaited return is now possible with the state of things as of today, and Fragapalooza wants to celebrate that with all of you. Fragapalooza will be hosting our online event Production from our own closed-circuit LAN Party where all the magic will happen to pull the event together. This will allow us to explore that hybrid event in a small stepping stone setup to better prepare and understand the various intricacies of such a model.

We urge those that want to run their own in-person event to reach out to friends, family, clans and put together a LAN Party with those you feel safest with as well. And optionally, if willing, join our online feeds with one from your location, interconnecting to create a WAN-LAN Party of our own unique Fragapalooza Community! Details to come for those interested, and we hope we can foster some LAN Party Pods to link our gaming experiences together.

The future (2023+)

While we cannot bring back the full Fragapalooza in-person experience in 2022, we are looking forward to its complete glory in 2023! We hope 2022 helps us prepare for a hybrid event with a venue as large as we are used to and look forward to any new challenges or opportunities that style of event will bring. Know that our event is fully expected back in large and in-person format for 2023 according to all appropriate guidelines and safety measures at the time of the event.

Those of you who have paid registrations held in confidence for our annual 2020, rest assured your seats/spots are guaranteed at our next full regular in-person event! We appreciate your patience, understanding, and continued support!

Register Today

As the main focus of Fragapalooza 2022 will still be online for the majority of our event program, the registration will again be free to join. Registration is open now at Join us for our online event August 4th-7th 2022.


Join us on Discord, follow us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and stay tuned to our website for all the latest information on this year’s FREE event.


The Winners of the SSBU Tournament 2021

Hey everyone.  Its been a month, and we hope everyone has enjoyed the last few weeks of summer and the long weekend!

We at Fragapalooza are working on planning our next event and realized we forgot to share this tidbit from our 2021 event for the world to see!  So without any further delay, here is the winners of the Super Smash Brothers Unlimited tournament for Fragapalooza 2021 The Digital Experience:

Congrats everyone on your cash prizes!

Thanks for 25 Years

A week later, the Fragapalooza hangover is done!

Thank-you everyone for joining us at our Fragapalooza 2021 Digital Event, celebrating 25 Years of Fragapalooza!  With our community, partners and sponsors we were able to make this online event our best online one yet!

Our Partners/Sponsors


Special Thanks to our Production Crew, we could not have done it without you!!!!!

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Statistics from our Event!


Followers Gained: 44
Views Gained: 1200
Hours Streamed: 55
Hours Watched: 2900
Average Viewers: 53
Peak Viewers 131

See You Next Year!

We appreciate everyone who could join us, and we definitely look forward to joining you all in person (we hope) next year for:

Fragapalooza 2022

Stay tuned for more!

Pepper Esports Sponsors

New to Fragaplooza as a Sponsor, Pepper Esports joins us for our 25 Years of Fragapalooza event, with donations to help make our digital event all that much greater.


They also have their own event coming up and wished us to share a bit about it.

Pepper Esports is amped to present the MyBookie Battle Series. It's a 21+ CS:GO tournament with a $4,000 USD prize pool taking place on Aug 14-15. Beyond cash prizing, we also have consolation prize draws and individual player draws! Register today at TGS dot GG forward slash Battle Series

Still time to register, and purchase your FREE "Virtual Gamer Throne" to be eligible for thousands in prizing at our 25 years of Fragapalooza digital event:

Want to know if you are already registered and have your "Virtual Gamer Throne"? Check out the Who's Coming Page

Wolfpaw Sponsors

Back for a second year, Wolfpaw Professional Internet Solutions Provider, Flexible & Experienced Internet Services Since 1998 joins our growing list of sponsors for our 25 Years of Fragapalooza event, Fragaplooza 2021.

Don't forget to register, and purchase your FREE "Virtual Gamer Throne" to be eligible for thousands in prizing at our 25 years of Fragapalooza digital event:

Want to know if you are already registered and have your "Virtual Gamer Throne"? Check out the Who's Coming Page

Tournaments - don't miss out!

There is still time to register for tournaments this week.  Check them out at  So much in prizing up for grabs, you could be the team or single that takes it all!

Telus Sponsors

We are happy to have Telus back to sponsor Fragapalooza 2021!  The have supported us for many years, and we are so very appreciative of all that they donate year after year!  Join us in welcoming them for 25 Yeas of Fragapalooza!

Don't forget to register, and purchase your FREE "Virtual Gamer Throne" to be eligible for thousands in prizing at our 25 years of Fragapalooza digital event:

Want to know if you are already registered and have your "Virtual Gamer Throne"? Check out the Who's Coming Page

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