Fragapalooza 2018 Tournaments

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (5v5)
Think you have what it takes to raise your team to the glory of the Brass Throne? Cast from the discarded .338 shells of your faithful AWP and drenched in the blood, sweat and tears of your defeated opponents, this grisly throne will be your pedastal of glory.

Gather your four kevlar compatriots and seize this prize for your team - or blow it up, that's your prerogative.

Please familiarize yourself with the Tournament Guideline Document
Overwatch (6v6)
We hear you like good games! You like payloads, and capture points, and king of the hill! You like flying rocket-ladies and oversized apes with a fascination with lightning! Levitating Zen Masters and Turrets? Those too! Come prove yourselves in the fast paced world of crazyness that is Overwatch!

Please familiarize yourself with the Tournament Guideline Document.
League Of Legends (1v1)
Prove your might in the howling abyss as the biggest, baddest lone wolf there is! General Fragapalooza Tournament Rules
Signups Locked
Player Unknown's Battlegrounds By The Spud Farm (1v1)
Returning this year, a fan favorite in the Battle Royale genre, PUBG will happen at Frag with a number of isolated events late on the Saturday evening.

We will be running a variety of formats for these events including squad sizes, so signups will be done live at the event.

PUBG Servers provided by The Spud Farm eSports Centre

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