What is Fragapalooza?

Funny you should ask... we thought long and hard about that question and figured we should probably tell you all about it; more so than one or two sentences could ever do. So check out our About Fragapalooza page for more information!

What is a LAN Party?

A LAN party is a gathering of gaming enthusiasts all in one physical location. The idea is to enjoy gaming on a fast lag-free network while enjoying a social atmosphere with gamers who you may have only previously spoken to online.

Who is behind Fragapalooza?

Fragapalooza is brought to you by a team of gaming enthusiasts with many, many, many years of experience organizing LAN parties and other related gaming events as well as a wide range of related industry experience. Since 1997 we have pioneered the large LAN Event in Canada and made Fragapalooza more than just computer gaming.

Can I win prizes?

Yes you can, but there are rules and stipulations around winning prizes!
  • REGISTRATION AND VALID SEAT PURCHASE (with or without a value) REQUIRED TO WIN PRIZING (tournaments or give-a-ways).
  • IN-PERSON and ONLINE prize pools may be different.
  • SPONSORED TOURNAMENTS will be limited to IN-PERSON registrants unless otherwise specified.
Open only to legal Canadian (excluding residents of Quebec) and US residents, 18 years of age or older & age of majority in their province/territory of residence at time of entry, or with permission from a legal guardian (proof my be requested prior to delivery of prize). Skill testing question and presence (either digitally or in-person) may be a requirement of a prize giveaway. Prizing is not transferable, unless otherwise arranged with a Fragapalooza Staff member. Fragapalooza reserves the right to alter the prizing depending on supply chains, shipping costs, or extraordinary circumstances.

Can I help out?

If you are available to help out with the event, we could always use more people. When we put out the call for volunteers we'll ask via our website and give you information on how to sign up as a Volunteer. If you just want to help out packing down after the event that is always appreciated!

How do I book a seat?

You can sign up for an event seat by registering for this year’s event. You will not be able to reserve a seat until you pay for your registration. Unfortunately we cannot hold seats for people until they pay. Once your registration has been completed and paid, you'll be able to pick where you want to sit on our seating plan. We currently accept payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Pay at Memory Express, or PayPal.

What is the refund policy?

Because we need to secure the venue and rentals as well as plan for a given number of attendees, we are unable to offer refunds. However your seat is transferable so you can give or sell your seat to someone.

How old do I have to be to attend?

We don't have an age limit on our events, however those under 18 are required to have signed parental consent to us before they can participate in the event. The forms will be available on our site shortly.

What can I play?

Fragapalooza is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) event, so you'll need to bring everything related to your device including all of your own software and games. You'll also need to bring a power strip as we provide one socket per participant.

Can I plug in my...?

Probably not! The only items you can plug into the Fragapalooza Event network are those relating to your PC and low powered peripheral items such as phone chargers. Items such as microwaves, kettles, mini-fridges and desk fans are not permitted.

What about consoles?

Consoles are Welcome! We don't mind if you want to setup a console at your seat too, but you'll have to use the same monitor as your PC and we ask that you only have one system plugged in at once.

Can I bring two screens?

No, there is only really sufficient room and power for one monitor per person. You may purchase multiple seats if you would like to have multiple monitors. You share a 6ft desk with another participant, so please be considerate with monitor sizes and other equipment on your desk.

Am I allowed to use speakers?

No, all sounds must be played through headphones.

Can I bring my own network kit for additional connections?

No. We provide one Cat5e cable per PC, any additional connections should be ordered when you book your place. The additional connections are only intended for items such as laptops or consoles, if you intend to bring a server to play on, then you need to place it in our FP Server farm area.

What about sharing files?

You are not permitted to share any copyright or illegal materials on our network.

Is there internet access?

YES. However, it is a LAN party, so really we'd like everyone to play on the LAN, but we appreciate that you may wish to play on an online server, so that will be ok. MMOs are permitted.

Will there be any servers running on the LAN?

We'll have a good range of dedicated servers available at the LAN, just ask us if you want us to host a server for any particular games?

Will you be running any tournaments?

Yes, we run a range of fun and prize-winning competitive tournaments at our main events.

Can I bring my own alcohol into the venue?

No. The venue premises are licensed therefore all drinks must be purchased and consumed from the bar located in the upper level. Anyone found to bring their own alcohol into the venue, or inebriated/intoxicated will be asked to leave the event and forfeit their registration for the remainder of the event.

What about food?

Leduc has a number of local restaurants as well as Sticks & Stones (Pub) and Dairy Queen located on site.

Where can I sleep?

If you need to sleep, then you can sleep in the designated areas located on the edge of the soccer pitch. We strongly recommend using earplugs in the communal sleeping areas. Alternatively, local hotels are listed under the relevant event pages.

Are there showers?

Yes, the LRC venue has showers available. Details of the location and opening times will be on the event intranet. Bear in mind they will be busy during peak times like first thing in the morning.

Who is responsible for my equipment at the LAN?

In short, You are - Fragapalooza does not take any responsibility for your equipment at any time during the event. You are strongly advised to take security measures such as locking your equipment to the table and not leaving small valuable items around. One of the best ways to protect your gear is to make friends with people around you and watch each other’s gear Fragapalooza was meant to be a Fun Social Event.

How do you know who should be in the event?

Everybody at the event will be given an ID Tag on a lanyard to wear. Anyone without an ID Tag will not be allowed in to the venue after hours. Staff will be on duty throughout the night to check ID Tags.

Is my equipment insured?

Insurance is not provided for your equipment, you are advised to make your own insurance arrangements. Some home contents providers will extend policies to cover you at such events. Public Liability insurance is provided, but this is for people not equipment.

Are there any first aiders at the event?

Qualified first aid cover is available during the business hours of the venue.

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Fragapalooza Event Info

Four days of LAN Gaming!
August 8 to 11, 2024
Leduc Recreation Centre
4330 Black Gold Drive
Leduc, AB T9E 3C3
Games Played:
Anything and Everything!
Date Subject To Change